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   We pride ourselves on our thorough gold industry knowledge and impeccable customer service both before and after the sale. We will pay you top dollar for your gold jewelry or your scrap gold. In two separate independent tests of buyers in the Fenton area we were found to pay the highest prices in the area for precious metals and jewelry. The identical items were taken to over 6 stores in the Fenton area. In each under cover test our buyers offered the highest purchase price for the items.

  • Fair Appraisals
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • State of the Art Evaluation Equipment

    After professionally separating your items we then weigh the gold or precious metals on certified scales which note the weights. Once this is done we figure the value of your items based on several factors such as, the gold or precious metal content, the current market value for gold or the precious metal, the condition of the piece, the resale ability of the piece, and stone values. Once all these are calculated, we make a generous offer on the items. It's that easy!


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